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The Skype Series

Skype works – Do you hate networking? Good news! You don’t have to wear an uncomfortable suit and make yourself feel uncomfortable. You can network from home using worksthese Skype Networking secrets. Worried that people will try to use you? No problem. I have that covered. Need to do business via Joint Ventures but don’t know how to approach people for the first time? I’ll show you. You don’t need to sign up for any more networking meetings. You just need to buy this book and unlock the secrets Skype offers you. Don’t let it’s brevity fool you! This book is short and to-the-point to save you time and get you the strategies you need right away.

worksBuilding a company online is all about finding something that works, breaking it into processes and delegating them to people who work for you. How do you find those people? Well my latest book titled Outsourcing Blueprint – Learn How to Interview, Hire and Fire with Ease – Will be teaching you all about building a system that sources, interviews and hires the right people for your organization. By the end of this concise book you’ll be ready to hire your first Virtual Assistant (VA) for as little as $150/mo. Buy this book to free up your time so you can focus on the things that matter.

The Travian Series

Do you workswant to be a top 50 player for the duration of the server? Do you want to know the small, simple things that need to be done in order to avoid getting attacked, ever? Do you want to win? If you want raids/attacks to have no effect on your village and be the player everyone wants to be in Travian, then get The Travian Manual by doing the following: 1) Buy this book, 2) Read it 3) Reading is not enough, do the basic strategies explained in this book and you’ll be amazed at the results.


The Media Buyer Series

If you’re a media buyer, or would like to be one, please read on… How to Spin Fortune in Your Favor by Mastering Pin Submits is about setting up a landing page that builds a worksfortune for you. Finding a good traffic source is only a part of the challenge with running mobile subscription, aka, pin submit offers.

In order to create a landing page that is both competitive and converts well you need to understand the elements that make a good page so you can apply it to pin submits… and apply it to other niches. Inside you’ll learn how to identify winning offers, where to look for top offers and how to craft converting landing pages that bring in 100%+ ROI.

This is my most recent book and my favorite one because it’s most current and holds the key to a 23 email series follow up when i tell all kinds of scandalous stories about my adventures in italy, france and spain when I was an apprentice at SHIELD. Get it now.