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If we haven’t met, I’m Elvis Vegas the affiliate manager who applies game theories to life and life theories to game strategy. My first game was Win Platinum II, back in 1994. Since then I’ve played a whole slew more: Diablo I, II and III, Minecraft, Travian, Super Smash Bros, etc.

I love building things. Whether it’s building Lego villages or building a stack of affiliates who promote my network’s offers. My passion for building makes me an awesome organizer, business development manager and a new age leader for testing new organizational methods and tricks to bring about an easier transition from starting something out to building a full empire.

This blog discusses my journey as an affiliate manager, travian gamer and kindle publisher. Choose one of these strands to determine what you want to read about on this site.

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  • How to Know What Offers are Hot – In this article I share some of the tools and hacks that can be used to better understand the affiliate marketing landscape. These tools are no for the poor… they’re pricey and require affiliates who are not willing to stop at anything to see the success of their business through.
  • How to Network at Affiliate Trade Shows – Affiliate networks want you to meet them at the booths and affiliate “gurus” want you to attend their workshops. What should you do? Neither, and here’s why…

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  • The Travian Manual. A one-of-its-kind Kindle book devoted to acing Travian with advanced strategies that only 2% of the top accounts know of and 1% actually do.

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