Why Using Diet Bet is Both Strategical and Tactical


Diet Bet Strategy

A few days ago I wrote about a few ways that don’t really seem promising to make money to pay down a debt. The sites mentioned in the post were identified due to their high time involvement and low cash output. There is one exception to this rule that hinges on a critical tactic that needs to play out in everyone’s work: accomplishing multiple goals with a single task.

Strategies are created with decisions that guide sales targets or specific measurable goals. Tactics are the actual activities that are done in order to achieve the smaller chunks of goals or targets that eventually make up the overall strategy. I’ve heard it said that a manager or leader who can make strategic decisions is not enough. One must be capable of making tactical decisions as well. The problem is that there are few leaders who consistently do the same thing every day.

A great way to make great strides in your goals, whether those are to pay off debt, expand your business, lose weight or reduce expenses, etc. is to take actions (tactics) that allow you to accomplish multiple goals at the same time. People frequently coin this as “killing 2 birds with one stone” but that is usually in the context of doubling the output while keeping the effort at the same level.

Diet Bet – Lose Weight and Get Paid

I have two objectives that the site Diet Bet brings together:

  1. I want to lose weight
  2. I want to make extra money

Diet Bet is a site where users who wants to lose weight “weigh in” at a particular weight, pay about $30 and then start a challenge of losing 4% of their body weight over a period of time. Since I have a goal to lose weight and I also have a goal to make extra money on the side, participating in this game/program is accomplishing more than one of my goals.

Even though the payout is not very high I am making progress on more than one objective. Would you participate in a contest to lose weight? If it didn’t kill you, sure why not? Great! Then how much weight would you have to lose to make the monetary target mundane?

  • Two pounds?
  • Five pounds?
  • Eight pounds?

And going by the same thought process: How much extra money would the competition need to earn to make the weight loss mundane?

By pairing up two objectives that satisfy two different goals I become motivated twice as much and far less likely to quit or give up.